Sky Broadband Buddy

Controls & Settings guide

Sky Broadband Buddy helps manage each screen in your home from an app on your phone. It’s like a remote control for the internet and is already in your Sky Broadband Hub.

What do I need?

Sky Broadband Buddy is part of the Sky Broadband Boost add-on package. To be eligible to sign up to Broadband Boost you need to either take or recontract onto our new broadband packages – Sky Broadband Essential or Sky Broadband Superfast.

Restrictions you can apply

icon Apps Access
icon Browser Access
icon Mobile devices
icon Timer

Step by Step instructions


Before you start using Sky Broadband Buddy, you need to be on one of Sky’s current broadband packages and have Sky Broadband Boost.

You’ll also need your Sky iD and a compatible Apple or Android phone or tablet to download the app.


Once you have downloaded the app, select set up parent app and then sign in using your existing Sky ID credential.


Start by setting up the parent app on your device. You will then be prompted to set up individual profiles for you family members.


For each profile, you can select different filters, time limits, bedtimes and more.


You can also use the app to reward children with more screen time by going to ‘rewards’ on their profile and selecting one of the options from the list.


If you would like more family time and would like to ‘pause your internet’ simply go to the Sky Broadband Buddy homepage and tap the pause button and this will pause the internet for all connected devices.


To manage your child’s device outside your home, download the app on their device and select set up kid app. Scan the QR code for each device to pair to the parent app so you can manage their access out and about on 3G/4G.

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