Here are the 10 Best Dares

( not safe for work edition )

Truth or dare is no longer a silly game that middle schoolers play at sleepovers over some popcorn and fruit punch. No, truth or dare is now a sexy, exciting, and entertaining challenge that any group can enjoy. Think about it – sexy dares, revealing truths – these things add up to a smoking good time. We know you’re probably all in for this idea, but you might not know where exactly to begin with your list of daring dares. That’s why we’re here to help you. Below, we’ve provided you with ten good dares that just aren’t safe at work.

1. Streak down the street.

Streaking is an ultimate dare that should be utilized in every truth or dare game. We advise that you do this in a residential area to avoid being arrested for public nudity. Streaking is a classic dare and for good reason - it’s hilarious, mortifying, and everyone gets to check out someone’s goods. What more could you ask of a good dare?

2. Let someone take a body shot off of you.

If you want to see the modest guys and girls uncomfortable, this is a good dare to use on them. Body shots are hot, funny, and, of course, allow you to get a little tipsy. Even if you’re not in a club in Cabo, you can still take body shots in your home!

3. Sing and dance to a song of your opponent’s choice.

Yes, this dare is very vanilla, but some good dares are innocent like this. Embarrass the crap out of your friend by making them stand up and sing a fiddle while dancing in front of everyone. You’ll be howling with laughter as they’re mortified and scarred for life. Win-win! We also suggest you pick one of the most embarrassing songs ever- Like a Virgin, perhaps?

4. Kiss the person you think is the most attractive in the room.

This is the perfect dare to turn up the heat during your next truth or dare game. Put your single friend in the hot spot and make them kiss whoever they’re most attracted to in the room. Attractions will be revealed, and this kiss could even lead to a hook up later. Anything is possible, considering kissing is where the magic usually begins!

5. Give someone a lap dance.

Lap dances are super sexy, intimate, and are a huge turn on to experience and even watch. That’s why it’s a member on our good dares list! Watching a girl give a lap dance is sexy and watching a guy do one is hilarious. You’re bound to hit the jackpot regardless of who your victim is.

6. Post an embarrassing Facebook status of your opponent’s choosing.

No one wants to post an embarrassing status for your entire list of Facebook friends to see- talk about mortifying. That’s why this is among some of the best dares to use during your next game. Whether it’s announcing a pregnancy, bowel movements, or a marriage elopement - you have so many options to choose from to embarrass your friends.

8. Do a strip tease.

This dare is for all of you racy and crazy groups of friends out there. If you want to get rated R with it, this is the dare to go for. Watching and doing a strip tease is for sure going to turn the entire room on in a matter of seconds.

9. Shave your legs/ arms.

This dare is clearly meant for guys since girls shave regularly anyways. Daring a dude to shave his legs is one of the most emasculating and mortifying things you can have them do. So why not whip it out while using your good dares? Sorry boys, we promise it will grow back.

10. Call your crush and ask them out.

This is the ultimate dare to make your friends do something they ordinarily would wussy out of. Hopefully, this dare turns out for the best and your friend’s crush says yes. If not, I guess love is pain, right? Want to get started and dare you friends right now? Download the yolosnap truth or dare app and instantly dare your friends - anytime, anywhere.

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