12 Best Truth Questions for Truth or Dare

If you’re still under the impression that truth or dare is a childish game for immature school ground kids, you’re out of the loop! Truth or Dare is a fun, sexy, and hilarious way to spice up your next gathering with your friends. Although there’re no limits for who you should play this game with, we think that a group of singles or single friends is the ideal way to go. While you might be super down to play truth or dare ASAP, you’re probably wondering where you’ll get access to the best truth or dare questions to impress your people with. That’s where we come in! Today, we’re providing you with the 12 best truth questions for your next game of truth or dare.

1. Have you ever had a one night stand?

Almost everyone has had a one night stand so that most answers won’t surprise you. To make it interesting, have them explain how it went down. You might end up hearing some candid information about a friend you thought was innocent, or hear some dirty details from the friend you know that sleeps around. Either way, you’re in to hear some interesting information.

2. What’s your most embarrassing sexual experience?

It’s time for some stories, folks! This truth question will be sure to raise some eyebrows and reveal some hilarious yet cringe-worthy tales of sex gone wrong. And let’s face it- no one is exempt from an embarrassing sexual mishap - it’s just a matter of coming clean about it! This is a great way to throw the person off too; no one wants to answer this kind of truth question.

3. Have you ever wet/ crapped your pants?

This is one of the funniest truth questions to ask - especially with guys! This truth question is bound to bring up some hilarious memories from grade school, high school, or even a bad drunken night only a few months ago. If you’re looking to embarrass someone, this is the truth to ask.

4. What is your biggest turn on/ turn off?

This truth will reveal some very key information to people who are crushing on the singles around them. Turn ons are a crucial thing to know about someone you’re interested in because you can use them to your advantage while trying to seduce them or make them attracted to you. It’s also important to know their turn offs, just in case it’s a bad habit you have or something you didn’t know was bad- you can be sure to knock it off before it’s too late!

5. What are you best at in bed?

Talk about a revealing truth! This question will raise eyebrows and might raise other things too if you know what we mean. This is also an awesome question to ask your crush or someone in the group that you’re interested in. You get to get some behind the scenes information about their dirty talents that might get you two going in the right direction (the bedroom, anyone?)

6. Have you ever been fired from a job?

Who wants to answer this truth? This question has nothing to do with sex, but it’s sure to bring up some good or bad stories and some candid reactions. Getting fired can be a huge turnoff to some people, so ask this question to get to know your fellow single friends on a more moral level.

7. Have you ever been in love with a friend?

This question might tug at your heartstrings a bit. This is one of the best truth questions to reveal some hidden feelings around the room if you’re playing with a group of friends. If someone answers yes, it could prompt the others to figure out who it is, and who knows- it could be someone in that very room. Call us hopeless romantics, but this revealed truth could begin a relationship between two love birds.

8. Who was the last person you had sex with?

Wow, the answer to this question is revealing, intimate, and could cause some drama. AKA, it’s the best truth question ever. Put your friend in the hot spot with this crazy question. If they try and lie, call them out, because no one likes liars with truth questions. They’re poor sports!

9. If you could have sex with anyone in the room, who would it be?

This is one of the sexiest truth questions to ask if you want to get to hooking up. The answer to this truth will reveal some underlying sexual desires and hidden crushes. It’s a win-win question! The ideal aftermath of this truth is two people getting it on shortly afterwards.

10. What’s your worst habit?

Let’s face it; everyone has got some bad habits that they don’t want to reveal. But if they’re put on the hot spot during truth or dare, they’re going to have to share! You’ll probably find out some disturbing or annoying things about people that you thought you knew well. Unfortunately, most bad habits are big turn offs.

11. What’s your guilty pleasure?

There’s no such thing as someone who doesn’t have a guilty pleasure. Whether it’s reality TV, trashy romance novels, or eating junk food, everyone has, at least, one if not many. Guilty pleasures are interesting parts of someone because it reveals what they’re ashamed to like, which can say a lot about a person.

12. Have you ever cheated / been cheated on?

Although this question might bring up some unfortunate past experiences, it’s also a great way to put someone in the hot seat. Cheating is a very sensitive and uncomfortable topic for most, but so is truth or dare! So man up and ask. Looking for even more fun? Try the yolosnap free truth or dare app to dare your friends anytime, anywhere - now available on the AppStore.

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