5 Truths for Truth or Dare [ Insane Edition ]

Truth or Dare is a classic game, but it can get rather tired at points, as you learn more about your friends over time and there’s fewer grey areas as your relationship evolves. That’s why it’s best to come up with new questions, ones that are insane, attention-grabbing, and totally off the wall, as your friends will likely be unexposed to such queries and who doesn’t like to get an insane question when playing Truth or Dare?

There are tons and tons and tons of crazy, maniacal questions you can ask your friends, but if you’re unsure of where to start, here are 7 insane truths for Truth or Dare, conveniently listed below.

1: Would you take $10,000 to punch your mom?

No one wants to hurt their mom, but if money is involved, that may be another story. Would any of your friends punch the woman who gave life to them for ten bands?

If any friends would say yes to that, not only did they keep it too real, but they just totally admitted they’d punch their freakin’ mom for ten grand! If you’d punch your mom for anything less than 100 grand, you’re a damn fool.

2: Both friends on either side of you are hanging from a cliff, and you can only save one. Who do you choose?

Yeah, you’re about to piss off one person and greatly relieve another when you’re given this truth. It’s a tough call, because your true best friend might not be either one of them, and we all know that’s the person you’d save, but if they’re not sitting next to you, you’d best think it over carefully.

When answering this question, it might serve you better to pick to save the friend who can kick your ass, while letting the ‘weaker’ one fall to a lonesome, pitiful death. Johnny, if you’d let me cut in line in the cafeteria in fourth grade, I might have considered saving you, but that was really a choice you made, and I couldn’t save someone who’d made such a dick move.

3: Who in the room have you thought about having sex with?

When playing Truth or Dare, the more awkward the truths, the better, and this can be pretty awkward, depending on who you’re playing with; if you’re with family, feel free to skip this question (well, you also made a huge mistake by playing this game with your damn family).

If your group of friends is a mixed bag of girls and guys, this is a good one to ask your friends, as you’re putting them in an incredibly awkward position with this insane question. Their answer could take the night down any one of a multitude of paths, but it’s up to them to choose between a white lie or good old fashioned honesty; heck, it might even get them laid.

When you really want to put one of your buddies on the spot, give them this insane question, and watch them sweat.

4: If you could kill one person in the room without suffering any consequences, who would it be?

If one of your friends is kind of a dick, I would leave this question alone, as they’ll probably pick you as their kill, but if it’s a solid group of friends, this is a good one to throw out there.

Everyone has a ranking for each of their friends in terms of closeness, and it shouldn’t take too long to think of someone you’d be willing to off, and everyone has a good laugh when someone makes their pick; will you get picked as the scapegoat?

5: If you were in a porno, what would it be?

Sex questions are always the best for Truth or Dare, and as far as insane questions go, this one pops up on the scale for sure. You’re bound to have a fits of laughter in-between bouts of awkwardness as your friend details what kind of porn it would be, making this a great question to ask.

Everyone is surely going to have a different answer if everyone joins in on the conversation, which is usually the case when playing Truth or Dare, and when it comes to sex-related questions, these always pique people’s interest. If you’re going for shock, this is an insane question to ask your friends.

When playing Truth or Dare, it may be fun to see people decide not to offer up a truth and go for a dare, but when you’ve got a list of 7 insane truths for Truth or Dare, you gotta ask your friends to answer these instead. Who cares about seeing someone down a spoonful of cinnamon (which is pretty damn funny, to be honest) when you can ask them if they’d punch their mom for $10k or who’s sibling would they bang?

Next time you play Truth or Dare with your friends, have these truths ready to go; these insane questions will get everyone in a fun mood where they’re more willing to be honest about themselves, which is when Truth or Dare is at it’s best. Insane questions will lead to an insanely good time, every time.

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