5 Major Keys to Have Your Best Truth or Dare Game Ever

Truth or Dare is a game that’s been around for ages, and you’d be hard pressed to find someone who’s never played it at least once. Kids play it at slumber parties, teens play it with stolen bottles of vodka, and you might hear freshman laughing in the dorms in the early morning after someone admits a hilarious truth.

Truth or Dare can be played by anyone, as it’s a fun game that’s essentially just a fun spin on having an open conversation with a group of friends, and if you’re planning on having a game night or want to do something fun with a group of friends, Truth or Dare can ensure you have a great time with people you enjoy being around.

Having a fun night with friends isn’t that simple though, and if you’re playing Truth or Dare, there are some things you need to know; specifically, there are 5 major keys to have the best Truth or Dare game, and we are going to comb through them right here. Without further delay, let’s dive in.

1: Get A Solid Group Together

If it’s game night, you’re going to need to assemble your version of “Ocean’s 11”; invite just your closest, best friends who you always have a good time with – if you’re going to play Truth or Dare, you need to be a tight knit group who understands each other and aren’t afraid of airing out your dirty laundry.

For those of you that have smaller social circles, you’ll need at least three other friends to join you. If you can get more people to join you, the more fun you’ll have, but I would limit the total to 8 people maximum, and that’s a hard limit.

When you only have a few people over for the night, Truth or Dare may lose it’s luster after a few rounds, so try to assemble a solid group of friends who get along well, are willing to be honest about themselves, and most importantly, don’t take things too seriously; it’s just a game after all.

2: Have a *little* to drink (if you’re 21 and over)

For nights when you’re having a good time with friends, alcohol could be involved, and when you’re getting the gang together for Truth or Dare, make sure there’s plenty of drink to go around. That liquid courage will help people relax and open up, potentially revealing some juicy details you might otherwise never know.

Get drinks your friends like, and if they’re self-respecting people they’ll bring a bottle of wine or something else with them, so there should be plenty of alcohol at the crib. If you’re trying to be a sleuth and get dirt on your friends or you really want Jennifer to finally open up about her secretive sex life, make everyone take some shots before you start, or have them take a shot rather than doing a dare; if that doesn’t get them to offer some truths, I don’t what kind of humane treatment would get them to open up otherwise.

3: Drop Truth Bombs

Just because you’re hosting game night doesn’t mean you get the night off – you need to be honest too! You want to have a fun night with friends, right?

Well, that means you need to down some liquor, think about your secrets and things you’ve always kept to yourself, and when it’s your turn to go, drop a truth bomb on your friends; I’m talking about 50-megaton truth nukes that’ll reveal a side of you your buddies didn’t know existed. If you want to have a memorable night, set the tone by being upfront and honest amongst the people you love (but also hate).

4: Prepare Questions

Truth or Dare can only be as good as the questions or dares involved, so if you’re set on having the best Truth or Dare game, get some juicy questions ready for your friends; for all you know, they’ve got some as well. We’ve all got a few friends who we know a lot about, but there are definitely some secrets that they’re holding back, and if you can think of some questions that’ll reveal information about them that you never knew, I would write them down or put them in your phone in case you forget.

5: Don’t Take it too Seriously

In most Truth or Dare games I’ve played, someone revealed a shocking truth or admitted something that was embarrassing, but it’s important that you’re accepting of those truths and don’t take them too seriously or use them as fodder when you’re inevitably making fun of them later; if people are willing to be open about themselves, it’s best to respectful of that and don’t let it change your view of someone or take the game too seriously.

Truth or Dare is a fun game that can be played be any group of friends, but it’s vital that that group of friends don’t really care when their buddies reveal secrets or anything of that nature. If someone has dirt on you, don’t take that too seriously either, as they still love you and want to hang out with you even when they know some of your secrets; it’s really not that big of a deal when your friends know things you’d rather keep to yourself, and it’ll only draw you closer together.

It’s not hard to have a great time with friends when you play Truth or Dare, but if you follow the five keys we just discussed, you’ll have an amazing night together. Game night with friends is all about having fun, and you can’t go wrong with Truth or Dare.

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