10 Truth or Dare Questions Dirty (18+)

Truth or dare is not just a juvenile game that little kids play on the playground. No, it’s become a dirty and sexy game for adults too. Truth or dare: dirty edition is the best way to spice up any boring dinner party or average night with your single friends. With revealing and dirty truths, you’ll find out some insane things about your friends and crushes. And dirty, sexual dares will inevitably spice things up and maybe even embarrass some people. You’re probably super down to try this game out; you just don’t really know where to start. That’s why we’re here to help you today. We’re providing you with ten dirty truth or dare questions that are bound to give you a night you’ll never forget!


1. Give someone a lap dance.

Lap dances are intimate and super hot, so it’s the perfect dirty dare to whip out during your next game. You can either let your dirty dare victim choose who they give their lap dance to, or make it a bit more interesting and choose for them. Either way, it’s bound to get everyone in the room turned on and is bound to make your victim feel uncomfortable and mortified at first! If you dare a girl to give the lap dance, it’ll be a hot and sexy time. If you ask a guy to, it might not be as sexy, but it will be hilarious and so embarrassing for them. AKA it’s a win-win!

2. Take a body shot.

Body shots aren’t just reserved for crazy spring break moments or college bars; they can happen in your home too! Body shots are sexy, and the added bonus is that you’ll get a boozy buzz from it too. So dare anyone to take one off of someone of their choice, or go ahead and decide for them. We promise it will be a successful dirty dare no matter what.

3. Do a strip tease.

This insane dirty dare should be saved for your most risky and open group of single friends. It should also only be thrown out there after a couple of rounds of your favorite cocktails, may we suggest margaritas? Stripteases are a no brainer for a dirty dare because you get to see someone strip down to their skivvies! It’s hot, fun, and super funny if you make a guy do it.

4. Have sex in a public place.

This dare is best suited for a group of couples or, at least, a group of singles who are already hooking up. You definitely could dare two people that haven’t hooked up yet to do this, but it’d be a lot more uncomfortable that way. Having sex in a public place is embarrassing yet exhilarating, so daring two hookup buddies to give it a go is perfection. They may or may not thank you later.

5. Streak!

Don’t be turned off by a seemingly immature dare. Sure, streaking could be considered immature and for high school kids, but it’s also sexy and is a great option for a dirty dare. You get to see someone butt naked running around, and they’re going to be super embarrassed. Both of these dynamics add up to the perfect dirty dare for your next sexy game.

6. Take your crush into the bedroom for 10 minutes.

This is like a sexier and more mature version of 7 minutes in heaven, are we right? Forcing your single friend to make a move on their crush is bound to set a hookup in motion. They will obviously feel embarrassed and put on the spot at first, but we guarantee that they will thank you later.


1. What are you best at in bed?

Talk about a loaded, sexy truth question to ask any one of your single friends. You’re giving them the opportunity to brag a bit while getting an intimate look at what they do in the sheets. This truth answer is bound to turn people on too, especially if there are any crushes or underlying attractions in the room. This is by far one of our favorite dirty truth or dare game questions to ask because of how much it reveals.

2. What is your most embarrassing sex story?

This dirty truth question will put your victim in the hot seat and make them squirm with embarrassment. Everyone has an embarrassing sex story, but not everyone is as willing to share the tale with a whole group of people. That’s why this is the best dirty truth if you want to throw someone off. This storytelling answer will leave everyone dying laughing and blushing.

3. When was the last time you masturbated?

Masturbating is still a taboo topic among most, but nothing is off limits for dirty truth or dare questions. No one wants to reveal their masturbating details with a group of people; that’s why this is the perfect truth question. The answers to this dirty truth question will leave everyone blushing and maybe even a little surprised. You might find out some revealing things about people you didn’t think you would.

4. Have you ever used a sex toy?

Sex toys are another one of those taboo topics that not everyone is completely comfortable talking about. Sex toys are becoming more and more used in the bedroom, which is why it’s totally cool to ask someone this sexy truth question. There are tons of different options for sex toys, so you should even ask which ones they use! You might find out your most innocent friends are way kinkier than you think. If someone claims they’ve never used a sex toy before, call their bluff!

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