Truth and Dare Questions for Singles

Truth or Dare has become a perfect game for nearly every age. Middle school and high school students can play, college kids can enjoy, and real life adults can love it too. There are a lot of different dynamics to consider before you look for both truth and dare questions, and the main thing to consider is who you’ll be playing with. You’ll naturally ask different questions while you’re playing with your church friend versus your college buddies. Today, we’re providing you with the ultimate guide to truth and dare questions for your next game with a group of single friends. Single friends are the perfect group of people to play truth or dare with. Single friends offer interesting dynamics for truth or dare because of the underlying sexual attractions and sexual tension. Everyone is bound to be crushing on each other, so truth or dare is the perfect situation to break the ice. Read on to find out the best truth and dare questions for single friends.


1. Who do you find most attractive in the room?

This truth question will reveal a lot with a little effort. You’ll be able to expose hidden crushes and bring sexual tension to the surface. This question will put your single friend in the hot seat and make them fess up to who they’re attracted to in the room. If all goes to plan, answers will force your truth or dare victim into making the first move with the person they’re attracted to. They will thank you later!

2. What is your biggest turn on/ turn off?

Turn ons and turn offs say a lot about a person, and this information needs to be known by potential crushes. If your crush is asked this question during a round of truth and dare, pay attention! If you know what turns them on, then you can use this information to your advantage and use it to get hopefully lucky. This works too for turn offs. What if your crush hates when people crack their knuckles, and that’s one of your dirty habits? You’ll, at least, get a warning to cut it out if you want to keep them around.

3. Have you ever cheated/ been cheated on?

Cheating might be a very sensitive subject, but nothing is off limits for truth and dare questions. Cheating involves a lot of serious baggage that some people just don’t want to deal with. That’s why this is the perfect truth to ask your group of single friends. You’ll find out who’s a cheater, and who’s unfortunately been the victim of a cheater. This is crucial information to know about your crush, because no one wants to date a cheater, and no one wants the baggage of someone that’s been cheated on, either.

4. What are you best at in bed?

Everyone has got to brag about their skills in the sheets at some point. This truth question is bound to make everyone squirm in their seats! Get ready to watch your truth and dare questions victim turn 50 shades of red when they get asked this. This is the perfect thing to ask a group of single friends because it’s hot, exposing, and hilarious to observe people’s reactions. Not to mention, this is the perfect truth to get people turned on and hot and bothered.

5. If you had to, who would you marry in the room?

Sound the wedding bells! This is among our list of perfect truth and dare questions because it’s funny and cute- a nice change up from the raunchier questions. Ask them to explain their answer to get even more in-depth details on a potential kindergarten crush!


1. Kiss your crush right now.

This might sound like a childish dare, but it can be a sexy and subtle way of bringing two single friends together. There’s nothing like a first kiss to go from platonic to passionate in no time. Putting your single friends on the spot like this will bond them in a strange way, and will hopefully be the beginning of a hookup. The only thing that could go wrong with this dare is finding out that your crush doesn’t like you back, which would be sad but it’s worth the risk.

2. Give your crush a lap dance.

Lap dances are sexy, intimate, and the perfect way to spice up a bland game full of truth and dare questions. If you dare a girl to give a lap dance, you’ll be watching a sexy and sensual moment. If you dare a guy to give a lap dance, you’ll be observing a more hilarious and awkward moment that will leave everyone laughing. AKA, you can’t go wrong either way.

3. Give your crush a massage.

Massages are a subtle yet sexual way to turn someone on, which is why it’s included in our truth and dare questions list today. This dare can be used for your more innocent single friends that wouldn’t be down for the kissing and lapdance options. Still, massages could be just what a pair of single friends need to spice up their relationship and cross that line.

4. Do your best fake orgasm.

This is possibly the most embarrassing truth and dare questions on the list! No one wants to do a fake orgasm in front of a bunch of people, which is why it’s a ruthless dare. Your single friend will be mortified, and the rest of the group will be turned on and laughing hysterically. It’s a win-win! So think you're up for a round of truth or dare now? Get started for free with the yolosnap app for truth or dare available on the AppStore!

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